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Tarbert/Architects was established in 1975 as a design and management oriented architectural firm whose objective is to produce noteworthy design solutions that satisfy the most stringent functional and budgetary requirements of the owners we serve. As part of that objective, we maintain meticulous control over our projects' budgets and attention to detail with the preparation and management of all construction contracts under the firm’s direction.

Tarbert/Architects serves the owners of office, retail, automotive, governmental, religious, medical, and light industrial buildings, for both new construction and renovation work. We also serve owners of various special purpose buildings, including fire houses, police stations, private schools, funeral services, recreation facilities, long term care facilities, banking, and food service facilities as well.

Our Project Breakdown by Industry

  • Commercial

  • Retail and Automotive

  • Religious

  • Special Use

  • Government

Our Approach

How we deliver our projects changes everything.

At Tarbert/Architects, owners often tell us, "I would have never thought to do that."

That’s important to us because it means we are doing our job well. It means we are presenting intelligent, experience-based solutions to the projects’ needs. It means that we are finding new ways to maximize the project budget. And it means that we are developing spaces in new and creative ways that best meet the expectations of those we serve.

We provide design solutions that are flexible and accommodating to the changes in the both the present and the future owners’ use of the building, so that as the owner’s needs change over the years, the building can be easily modified to accommodate those changes without a major reconstruction.

Inspired Design Solutions
We believe our design solutions should reflect the unique requirements of every project, and not merely be another rearragnement of a previous project. When we first explore the best solution to the functional and budgetary requirements of the project, and then allow the form of the building grow from the best functional solution, it sets the direction for an inspired design that is itself unique. This is not a new concept, but one that seems to be seldom practiced.

Flexible Solutions
We design buildings to last one hundred years, but we also recognize that the world, and the use and needs of the building, will change many times during the life of the building.

Focus on Project Management
A successful design solution is worth little if the construction experience is disappointing, or worse. We take a very proactive role in the leadership of the project team and the management of every project, with the objective being that the project is constructed on time, within budget, and with the high level of construction quality that we specify and the owners we serve expect; while imposing on the owner’s time to the smallest extent possible during the construction phase of the project.

Attention to Detail
Every aspect of a projects’ planning is placed under intense internal scrutiny to deliver the most cost-effective, functionally efficient, and easily constructible design possible..

Our Services

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Tarbert/Architects provides a full range of planning, architectural design, and construction administration services. From the initial effort of assisting owners with determining their specific needs and budget requirements to the final completion of the project’s construction, we develop a project scope that is well defined, a budget that is maximized, and completed construction that meets the quality requirements to exceed expectations.

We offer an unparalleled role in the financial aspects of each project. We guide the project to a realistic budget, manage that project to reduce wasteful spending, and give the owner more control over preventing the unexpected costs that should be anticipated for every project, but are nonetheless unpleasant to all.

Projects under our direction have historically been constructed at significantly less cost than market conditions would indicate. Our attention to the financial impact of our design decisions and the project leadership that we provide is the reason why.

Site Evaluation and Analysis

We thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the owner’s needs with respect to the proposed building site to direct the development of the site to reflect the highest and best use intended by the owner, for both now and in the future. When a site has not yet been selected, we assist with evaluating alternative sites to determine which represents the best development options and value to the owner.

Feasibility Studies

Should we build new, or renovate existing space? What is the true value of the proposed site when compared to its projected development cost? Can the project be constructed for the intended budget? Can the needs of the project be met within the building space or site area available? What are the relative costs of various alternatives? Have all possible alternatives been explored? Before a project begins, we provide feasibility studies to assist owners with answering those questions and determining both the functional and financial feasibility of the proposed project.

Functional Analyses

For those planning to lease space, or renovate existing space, the lease and construction costs are dependent upon creating the most efficient space possible. We will review the current operations and not only provide suggestions about how to improve work flow and operating efficiency, we will evaluate the real space needs so that the leased or renovated space is no larger than may be necessary to meet those needs.

Budget Management and Cost Control

Cost control and budgets managed by decades of experience are integral to every project. Because of our proactive approach, projects under the guidance of Tarbert/Architects are customarily constructed at significantly less cost than projects of similar size and scope whose pricing is left to competitive market conditions alone.

Site Planning

The same strict design scrutiny is applied to every site development plan that we do for the buildings to be erected on them, to provide for the best use of the site, flexibility, and future expansion, so that the site is used in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

Architectural Design Services

With the completion of a detailed assessment of the owner’s needs, the feasibility of the budget, and all other aspects of the project considered to fully define the project, we work with the project’s owner as a valued design partner to develop a preliminary design that will best meet the owner’s needs. With an owner approved design, we prepare the construction drawings and other documents necessary to secure all permits and construction proposals, and to construct the project. During the construction phase of the project, with decades of experience and the most qualified personnel available, the project team of construction contract administrators and construction monitors that we assemble for our projects provides comprehensive reviews of not only the quality of construction, but also the contractual and financial aspects of the project as well.

Interior Architecture and Space Planning

Whether creating a company image, or merely trying to get the most work stations into a limited area, we apply the same balance of creative design and cost control that defines every building under our guidance. Every aspect of a project is designed to create the most efficient design, to not only maximize work flow and operational efficiency, but to require less space, less cost, and be a greater return on the owner’s investment.

Handicap Accessibility

Whether removing barriers to address a specific need or to improve the overall accessibility of your building, we’ll evaluate your property and show the most cost effective solutions to making your property fully accessible to all persons.

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